Residential Community

NC State University

A four-year discipleship program to help college students grow in their faith at North Carolina State University

WinShape at NC State University

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina in the heart of the state’s Research Triangle, NC State University offers students a learning experience surrounded by the world’s leading innovators in social, economic and technological development.

WinShape at NC State offers students a place to be known and loved deeply by a caring community of peers and mentors. While students’ weeks are filled with classes, internships in the city, research projects and more, they learn and work with passion while continually finding their worth and identity in Christ.

Students arrive on their first day of college already in community with friends they met at WinShape orientation week the summer before their freshman year! From that point on, students in the Residential Community at NC State have fun together, encourage one other to abide with Christ, and help each other navigate and enjoy all that college life has to offer!

Applicant Questions

Do you offer tours of the program?

Yes! We host virtual tours led by WinShape College Program staff, including a full overview of the program and time to answer any questions you might have. Tours last around one hour and are available during typical business hours. To schedule a virtual tour, contact Emily Walker at 706-580-1300 or email ewalker@winshape.org.

Is Chick-fil-A restaurant work experience required?

It is not required but is strongly beneficial, as it provides great leadership experience for students prior to college. Many of our students bring some Chick-fil-A restaurant work experience.

How long has WinShape been at NC State?

The NC State Residential Community’s first class of students began programming in August 2021.

How many new students are admitted each year?

As WinShape is new at NC State, we believe there is wisdom in starting small and growing sustainably. While our first class of students at NC State will be less than 10 students, our program is growing toward 30-40 students per incoming class.

Do I have to apply to NC State before I apply to the WinShape College Program?

No; however, you must be officially accepted to NC State before we can review your file for a potential interview visit selection. It would be wise to apply to both NC State and WinShape College Program at the same time.

Do you have spring admissions?

No. WinShape College Program at NC State only accepts applications from Fall to Spring each year (specific dates vary from year to year). Applications are for enrollment into the program beginning the following school calendar year.

When do I come for my interview visit?

Interview visits are held in the spring semester each year and contain both group and individual interview portions. If you are selected for an interview, you will be notified by email at least two weeks prior to the selected date.

When will I know if I have been accepted into the program?

Applications and interviews are handled on a rolling basis. We will let you know in your interview when you can expect a response. You will be informed of a decision before the National College Decision Day (May 1).

If I am not accepted into the program this year, can I enroll at NC State and apply again next year?

Absolutely! Both high school seniors and students in their first year of college may apply for our program.

Does “Residential Community” mean students live together?

Currently, students in the Residential Community at NC State are not required to live together. However, as our community becomes more established, a communal living element is the eventual goal!

Does the program cover my housing at NC State?

No, housing is not provided for WinShape College Program students.

Do I have to live in a particular dorm if I am a WinShape College Program student?

No. We do not currently have a residence offering for students, but many WinShape students enjoy choosing to room together after their first year to build stronger community.

Does admission into WinShape at NC State include a scholarship?

There is no scholarship associated with admission into the WinShape College Program at NC State. However, WinShape invests in all of its students in the form of fully funded Catalytic Event travel, training and content, and other leadership development resources.

Programming Questions

Are there times when the whole WinShape at NC State community gathers?

Yes! WinShape will host both required and optional community events throughout the school year for the entire WinShape student body to engage in.

How much do the Catalytic Events cost?

All costs associated with Catalytic Events are paid for by the WinShape College Program.

I’m a transfer student. Where do I start in the process?

All transfer students begin with the first year of training due to the foundational role of first-year content. In order to experience the program’s maximum impact, we ask that transfer students have at least three years of college remaining to journey with us.

Ready to Apply?

Applications are open for 2024-25! Deadline to apply is May 1, 2024.

If you are a current college freshman and are interested in joining our Community, you can apply here through December 31, 2023.