Residential Community

Berry College

A four-year discipleship program to help college students grow in their faith at Berry College

WinShape at Berry College

Located in Rome, Georgia, Berry College is home to 27,000 acres, about 2,000 students, and depending who you ask, an 8-1 deer to student ratio! Berry is a beautiful campus of forests, fields, lakes and hills, where students pursue a wide range of degrees in a private, liberal arts setting.

Within the rich sense of community Berry provides, WinShape students enjoy an intimate anchor of Christian community which sharpens them and stirs them to growth in their walk with the Lord, and to impact on campus and in their lives. As part of WinShape, students go deep in small groups and being mentored 1-on-1 by a small group leader. They also have opportunities for fun and new experiences with WinShape’s large events and community gatherings.

Students arrive on their first day of college already in community with friends they met at WinShape orientation week the summer before their freshman year. From that point on, students in the Residential Community at Berry have fun together, encourage one other to abide with Christ, and help each other navigate and enjoy all that college life has to offer.

Applicant Questions

Do you offer tours of the program?

Yes! Tours are led by current WinShape College Program students and include a full overview of the program, time to answer any questions you might have, and a visit to our Residential Community dorms. Tours last around one hour and are available during typical business hours. To schedule a tour, call 800-448-6955 (ext. 1121) or email to khackler@winshape.org.

Is Chick-fil-A restaurant work experience required?

It is not required but is strongly beneficial, as it provides great leadership experience for students prior to college. Many of our students bring some Chick-fil-A restaurant work experience.

How many students are enrolled in the program?

While enrollment varies, our current capacity is 125 students.

How many new students are admitted each year?

We typically enroll around 30-34 new students each year.

How many applications do you normally receive each year?

On average, we receive anywhere from 130 to 150 applications.

Do I have to apply to Berry College before I apply to the WinShape College Program?

No; however, you must be officially accepted to Berry College before we can review your file for a potential interview visit selection. It would be wise to apply to both Berry College and WinShape College Program at the same time.

Do you have spring admissions?

No. WinShape College Program only accepts applications from September to January each year (specific dates vary from year to year). Applications are for enrollment into the program beginning the following school calendar year.

When do I come for my interview visit?

Typically, we host two group interview visits in February each year, with 30-35 prospective students attending each visit. If you are selected for an individual interview following the group interview, you will be notified by mail at least two weeks prior to the selected date. Individual interviews begin on Monday afternoon at 1 p.m. and end at 1:30 p.m. on the following day.

When will I know if I have been accepted into the program?

All applicants will be notified during the month of March prior to fall enrollment.

If I am not accepted into the program this year, can I enroll at Berry College and apply again next year?

Absolutely! Both high school seniors and students in their first year of college may apply for our program.

How much is the scholarship provided by the program?

Students receive $4,000 annually.

Does the program cover my housing?

No. Pilgrim Hall and Friendship Hall are still considered Berry College dorms and hold the same fees and regulations required by the Berry College Residence Life Office.

Do I have to live on Mountain Campus if I am a WinShape student?

Yes. Living in the WinShape College Program dorms is a requirement of all WinShape students.

What if I am not accepted? Can I still participate in the activities?

Berry College students are welcome to participate in Monday Night Meetings, Community Week, and any socials. There are also several other WinShape Foundation ministries in which you can be involved. However, only WinShape College Program students can participate in Catalytic Events or Core Groups.

After Your Interview

I’m waiting to hear back about whether or not I’ve been accepted into the WinShape College Program. Do I still need to pay the Berry College dorm room deposit?

Yes. If you plan on attending Berry regardless of your WinShape student status, that deposit will go toward any campus room and boarding fees (including WinShape dorms). If your enrollment to Berry is contingent upon your WinShape College Program admittance, please wait to pay your deposit until you are officially accepted.

I’m waiting to hear back about whether or not I’ve been accepted into the WinShape College Program. What should I put down as my dorm choice on the room preference sheet?

List Pilgrim Hall or Friendship Hall as your first choice, and mention that you are waiting to hear from WinShape College Program on your admittance. Please include a second choice as well.

I am on the waiting list. What does that mean?

If an opening with the program becomes available, applicants on the waiting list will be considered. Each applicant will be notified if he/she has been selected. If an opening does not become available for an applicant by the end of the summer, he or she will not be able to participate in the program. If the applicant is an incoming freshman, he or she may reapply for the following year.

Once You're Accepted

How do roommate assignments work?

Roommate assignments are given by Berry College’s Office of Residence Life.

Programming Questions

What are the Monday Night Meetings (MNMs)?

All WinShape College Program students gather around twice a month to build community and dig deeper into the themes of discipleship, community and leadership. This gathering can involve anything from playing games and praying to listening to a speaker and celebrating birthdays.

Are there any other times when the whole WinShape community gathers?

Aside from MNMs, we have one significant annual event for the entire community – Community Week. Held each fall, this week is packed with low-cost opportunities for students to connect with each other (e.g., paintball, whitewater rafting, cookouts, etc.). We also host several socials each year.

How much do the Catalytic Events cost?

All costs associated with Catalytic Events are paid for by the WinShape College Program.

I’m a transfer student. Where do I start in the process?

All transfer students begin with the first year of training due to the foundational role of first-year content. Note: In order to experience the program’s maximum impact, we ask that transfer students have at least three years of college remaining to journey with us.

Ready to Apply?

Applications are open for 2024-25! Deadline to apply is January 15, 2024.