residential communities

Residential Communities

A four-year discipleship experience to help college students grow in their faith

Become a fully-devoted follower of Jesus on your college campus

WinShape Residential Communities help students grow in discipleship, community, and leadership throughout their college experience and develop in four key areas of their lives:

  • Living out of our identity in Christ
  • Thinking and living biblically
  • Pursuing authentic and accountable relationships
  • Serving purposefully with God and others

What You Experience

WinShape's Residential Communities utilize three training components to develop the four key outcomes in students’ lives.

WinShape College Program Strengths Trek

Catalytic Events

Unprecedented multi-day encounters with classmates designed to spark life transformation in each participant. These experiential opportunities occur 1-2 times per year.

Core Training

An engaging, weekly training and small group session focused on discipleship, community, and leadership. A core group leader will guide the development and contribution of each individual.

Community Impact Teams

A transformational opportunity for third- and fourth-year students to lead a ministry team designed to impact the unmet needs of the local community.

Year 1: Know God

As a first-year WinShape College Program student, you’ll come to your kick-off orientation before the semester starts to grow together as a WinShape class and get to know the College Program staff. The first year is designed to help you think and live biblically and discover how to live out of your identity in Christ.

Training Components

Catalytic Event: FreshThing

What: an interactive orientation connecting incoming students to each other and to the heart of the WinShape College Program

When: a week in late June before Fall semester semester begins

Catalytic Event: Formation Weekend

What: a retreat that focuses on rhythms and habits that draw us closer to Christ in our daily lives

When: a weekend in March

Core Training

Training topics will include: Identity in Christ, Biblical Community, Story of God, Life in Christ.

Year 2: Know Yourself

Part 1: During the first semester of year two, you will learn how to pursue authentic and accountable relationships in community with others. This kicks off with a trip to Chicago where you’ll uncover your strengths alongside others in the program. Throughout the year, you will meet weekly with a small group to learn about your unique identity, including your strengths, spiritual gifts, passions, and purpose.

Part 2: Over Christmas break, you’ll travel as a class to Washington, D.C., where you’ll trace the footsteps of our country’s most influential leaders, inspiring you to create your own life purpose statement and unique understanding of who God created you to be.

Training Components

Catalytic Event: StrengthsTrek

What: an adventure through Chicago where teams of students complete a series of challenges that help them discover and learn how their individual strengths can positively impact a team

When: a week in early August before Fall semester begins

Catalytic Event: The Dream Casting Trip

What: a journey in Washington, D.C., where students begin the process of discovering their life’s purpose

When: a week in early January before Spring semester begins

Core Training

Training topics will include: Identifying and Developing your Giftedness, Discovering Your Life Purpose, and Living and Serving in The Kingdom.

Years 3 & 4: Live Purposefully

Years three and four focus on allowing you to serve purposefully with God and others. You’ll join others in the program who have similar passions to execute a project that changes the world for Christ.

Training Components

Catalytic Event: CIT Initiative

What: a retreat where Community Impact Teams develop strategic plans and team skills that prepare them to accomplish their decided vision

When: a weekend early in Fall semester

Community Impact Teams

Groups of students that are formed to work on a collective team vision throughout the year.

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