Discipleship Intensives

Equipping Young Adults to Become Leaders

Discipleship Intensives are 3- and 5-day experiences where college-aged adults are equipped, empowered, and mobilized to lead small groups in their own communities.

Why Discipleship Intensives?

Through our 3 and 5 day experiences, WinShape College Program comes alongside ministry leaders to help them effectively invest in and encourage college-aged students and young adults to go and make disciples.

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What is a Discipleship Intensive?

Our Model

Throughout the intensive, each participant learns and practices teaching content, then receives feedback on their teaching. This hands-on experience provides practice that empowers participants to lead small groups with confidence.

Our Content

Content rotates annually between Identity in Christ and Biblical Community. Identity in Christ is a study of Romans, focusing on who we were, who we are, and who we are becoming in Christ. Biblical Community highlights the practice of living in community with fellow believers through humility, conflict resolution, and authenticity.

Four Key Outcomes

• Living Out of Our Identity in Christ

• Thinking and Living Biblically

• Pursuing Authentic and Accountable Relationships

• Serving Purposefully with God and Others

Why Become a Ministry Partner?

We help you guide college-aged students to a richer, faith-filled life during the college years, and offer consistent support for when you have unlimited passion, but finite resources.

Upcoming 5-Day Discipleship Intensives

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Creating Disciples of All Campuses

Through its Discipleship Intensives, WinShape College Program is helping ministries equip more students than ever before.

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