A Liturgy for a First Group Meeting

Read this aloud to your group. If you’d like to screenshot it to them, they can read the bold parts with you.


God, we have come to be with You and one another.

To learn more of your Word, your work, and your people.

Would you bind our hearts to one another as we are bound to your Word and Your Truth.

May your Word be a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our paths.

May we not neglect the importance of meeting together. In one room. United in our pursuit to know You and love one another.


God, may we love you with all of our hearts.

May we love you with all of our souls.

May we love you with all of our minds.

May we love you with all of our strength.


May we love our neighbor as ourselves.



Activities to Kick Off Your Group

  1. Play “Would you rather?”
    Get to know one another by having each person answer the following questions:

    • Would you rather climb the highest mountain or scuba dive into a cave?
    • Would you rather write a paper or take a test?
    • Would you rather cook dinner or wash the dishes?
    • Would you rather watch a TV show or a movie?
  2. Have each person get to know the person next to them and then introduce them to the group.
  3. Play a game or have an activity you can do together like go play pickleball or go see a movie! (Shared experiences are an important part of deepening relationships.)
  4. Use your whiteboard and have each person draw something that represents themselves. Then share what they drew and why!


Now that you've launched your group, check out these additional resources.