Disciple Makers

View and download all the tools following the Discipleship Intensive.

What's included in this toolkit?

  • Small Group Recruitment Guide
  • 8 Confidence Boosters for Small Group Leadership
  • Helpful videos
  • Canvas Activity (& supplemental handouts)
  • Curriculum Request Form

Need help growing your group?

Get your copy of our Small Group Recruitment Guide to extend an invite to new friends.

Discipleship Tip: 8 Confidence Boosters for Small Group Leadership

What are some common challenges that small group leaders face, and how can you handle them well?

Canvas Activity

Were you impacted by the Canvas Activity at your Discipleship Intensive experience? Download and use this resource for the IDX 4 session.

Canvas Activity Truths

If you’d like a reference for each Canvas Activity truth, use this handout and share with your group.

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