Discipleship Intensives

A Launchpad for Your Leadership

Discipleship Intensives equip young adults to make disciples, specifically through small group Bible study. Joining us for an experience soon or wanting to learn more? Here's everything you need to know.

So you want to make disciples…

Discipleship Intensives are 3-5 day experiences where college-aged students and young adults are trained to make disciples in their own communities. By attending a Discipleship Intensive, you are embracing your God-given potential to guide others to a deeper faith through small group leadership.

This page is for:

  • Participants who have been registered for a Discipleship Intensive by their ministry leader
  • Young adults interested in attending a Discipleship Intensive in their area

Why Discipleship Intensives?

Learn more about how our experiences are designed to equip, empower, and mobilize young adults to lead small groups.

What to Expect at a Discipleship Intensive

First time to a Discipleship Intensive? Here’s everything you need to know about our experiences.

Next Steps

Ready to experience a Discipleship Intensive? Click the link below for additional information about your event, and contact your ministry leader to register.