The WinShape College Program Is Growing!

We're heading to three new campuses in 2020!

After 35 years, the WinShape College Program is expanding its outreach with three new residential communities. With the anticipated launch in Fall 2021, these three new communities will be located at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, N.C; Belmont University, Nashville, Tenn.; and University of Central Florida, Orlando, Fla. Each community will be modeled after the original offering at Berry College, which was established in 1984, while also forming to the unique characteristics of the individual sites.

All of these communities will focus on the same mission: to glorify God by cultivating college students to develop disciples, create community, and launch leaders. With this common goal, each student can expect to be led on a path to flourishing through elements such as tired discipleship, purposeful processes and team ministry.

Staff For Each Campus

We’re excited to be sending three WinShape College Program staff, who have been integral in the Berry College Residential Community, to these new locations beginning January 2020. They will be our boots on the ground as we recruit, build relationships and develop these new programs. For any questions pertaining to these specific locations, please reach out to these individuals.

Just as Excited as We Are? Here’s How You Can Join Us!


More than anything, we would appreciate your prayers as we launch these brand-new communities across the Southeast. Please join us in praying that God would multiply our efforts and lives would be transformed through these experiences.


As we look to recruit students, we’d love your help in spreading the word about these new communities. If you know any high-school students who will be starting college at any of these locations in Fall 2021, share this opportunity with them!

Want to be part of the team?

We look forward to expanding our team as these communities continue to grow. If you’re interested in being a part of the staff at any of these three locations, please check here for available opportunities!